If you’re a classics lover and are dying to find a place for it, Three Little Pigs in Ortigas is it.

Cocktails taste awesome at some of the metro’s most popular (think bars in BGC, Tomas Morato, and Poblacion), but there’s a hitch: not every bar will serve the classics only.

Three Little Pigs in Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, a swanky place specializing in classic–martini, old fashioned, mojito, it’s a long list–is the place to go if you’re a fan of good old basics or merely starting to learn the cocktails game.

It’s your uncle’s basement bar done right

The bar will remind you of your quirky uncle’s man-cave. Think of a room filled with eccentric paintings of pigs, war memorabilia, things from as far back as post Second World War, and a three-stack cabinet full of some of the best spirits you can find in the country.

The fashionable Mr. Porker
One of his “friends” at Three Little Pigs. Trust us, there’s a lot of them
Imagine eating on this table, which is actually an old WWII army crate


The food at Three Little Pigs is nothing to rave about (yet), though it is something that they offer. Their focus on the cocktails means bar chow isn’t as high of a priority. You can expect classic Filipino bar chows like sisig for now, but a promise to add and/or tweak their grub is enough to keep us interested.


Do not expect specialty cocktails for the goal is to teach what goes into a good cocktail to the good people of Ortigas and beyond. No crazy names and mixes can be found on the menu. No favorites as of yet, but we were able to try out two of the classics.

The Clover Club. It’s a lady’s drink that anyone can pick-up. Sweet with citrus notes and a bit of “foam”

First on the list was the Clover Club, a consummate lady’s drink that is a mix of gin, raspberry syrup, lemon, dry vermouth, and an egg white. Its sweetness is heightened by the citrusy flavors from the lemon, while the foam from the egg white gives it a texture that is not unlike beer foam. Really good.

The Negroni. A true classic cocktail that’s been modified over and over. Dead simple to make, yet the flavor is incredible if done right

We also got a taste of their Negroni, an Italian cocktail that makes full use of the flavors from the Campari, a bitter-spicy-sweet liqueur from Italy. These three flavors are brought out to their fullest in the Negroni, which takes its name from an Italian count who asked to switch out the soda of an Americano (the cocktail, not the coffee) with gin.

The Basics

About Php400 (USD7.5) per person
2/F, 12 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, @threelittlepigsph on Instagram

Words and photos by Andronico Del Rosario