The not-so-new spot in Poblacion that still counts as a must visit for one thing: serious craft beer with selections no lower than 12

Craft beers are rising in popularity, especially among the younger crowd, but bars in Poblacion hardly carry more than one or two. Pedro Tap House, which officially opened in February 2019, solves that with their 12 taps offering nearly every single variant of craft beer you can find.

Pedro Tap House is, for lack of a better term, the tap house of local craft beer brewer Pedro Brewcrafters, known for brews such as the Procrastination Pale Ale and the Beach Blonde Ale. It’s in quite a discreet location being on the edge of Poblacion and Rockwell, but don’t let that fool you. It’s as much a Poblacion bar as any.

There’s a lounge of sorts up on the second floor.

You’ll be met with music from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s once you go through their door. The couch right at the entrance reminds you of your friend’s basement sans the smell of dirty laundry. The interiors, overall, is clearly industrial. A quick pivot to your left leads you to more traditional seating, though still retaining the motif.

Go up these stairs if the first floor is a bit cramped (which it’s bound to be).

A trip upstairs leads to more seats, though you won’t feel separated from the rest of the tap house. Apart from the mural telling you where you are, they’ve intentionally left the space above the couch open so you can still enjoy the vibe of the tap house.


Food at Pedro Tap House looks at the same eras and design cues for inspiration. Their Bar Junk, in particular, is quite popular as it has almost every conceivable bar chow imaginable in one bowl: pop corn, candied bacon, almonds, cashews, chili (you’ll feel it but it won’t burn), and orange zest.

Quite the spread you have there, miss: a (from left to right, top to bottom) Space Out Coffee Stout, hot wings, the Bar Junk, a Procrastination Pale Ale, the Sacriligeous Sisig, and a couple of Korean mini corn dogs.

They also serve a mean version of the classic Filipino bar chow: sisig. Aptly named the Sacrilegious Sisig, it’s a serving of the Kapampangan classic that anyone would eat but Kapampangans will disown: chopped pork face and cheeks, chilies, bacon, chicharon, mayo, egg yolk—all served on a sizzling plate.


As with any self-respecting bar, Pedro Tap House has options for spirits, whether it’s a cocktail or a shot. Let’s be real, though: you don’t go to a tap house and not drink beer.

That board on top of the bar you’re seeing? Yeah, you’ll hardly see the same thing twice apart from the Procrastination Pale Ale.

Since it’s Pedro, you’ll see their previously mentioned brews alongside the more experimental stuff like the Space Out Coffee Stout (a dark ale with coffee from collab with Yardstick) and the Lemon Pie Ale (collab with Nipa Brew). These change every so often, but one thing is for sure: they’ll always have at least 12 craft beer available on tap.

Verdict: 8/10

Parking will always be a problem in Poblacion, and no bar will ever solve that. That said, if you’re in the hunt for a tap house with some of the best brews around, Pedro Tap House is a solid option.

The basics
Starts at Php165 for a 10-oz glass of craft beer, bar chow starts at Php120
5910 Matilde Street, Poblacion, Makati City
@pedrotaphouse on Facebook and Instagram

Words and photos: Andrew Del Rosario