Found: A place in the far end of Busuanga to rest when you feel like other islands are too crowded.

It’s a tiny island you can get to know within an afternoon. Perfect for those people-free selfies! Photo by Daniel Soriano

North Cay Nature Island is one of the lesser-known private islands. Located about an hour away from the town of Concepcion in Busuanga, Palawan (two-and-a-half to three if you’re coming from Coron), this little island gives you unobstructed views of Busuanga Bay’s fiery sunsets from its own viewdeck, a tiny bar of sorts where you can enjoy simple cocktails, and huts you can rent for as low as Php3,000/night. If day tours are more of your thing, it’s only Php200 per person to get in.

It has a small white sand beach that doubles as the island’s docking area, a spot that you’ll usually have to yourself because of how far this island is from Coron. The waters around it are good for snorkeling, especially the north side of the island.

Get there. SkyJet Airlines has 21 flights to Busuanga weekly. Hire a boat from either Concepcion or Coron to take you to North Cay Nature Island. Boat rentals go from between Php2,000 to Php3,000 per boat.