Relive the era of new wave and cassette tapes as you wine and dine at Sobre Mesa, Shangri-La Plaza Mall’s newest restaurant.

It’s familiar in more ways than one.

Sobre Mesa is a bit hidden (or as hidden as can be) if you’re ever in the area of Ortigas. The nearest (and by far, the most accessible one) is at the fourth level of Shangri-La Plaza’s East Wing, home to some of the business district’s top and trendy restaurants.

The whites and oranges give off a 90’s vibe in a way that other places don’t.
Add this to the mix and you’ve got a semi-nostalgia-inducing pregame resto for the night.

Sobre Mesa doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb from the hallway of said fouth level until you get into within a couple of meters of it. It’ll hit you (if you’re of the right age) with nostalgia, what with posters of hit TV series Friends and Backstreet Boys greeting you as you enter. The colors are a bit of a throwback, with whites and oranges dominating the scene. You’ve got your classic wooden counter with bottles of brews/spirits on the top shelf, with aforementioned posters just a little bit below that.


If you’re in the mood for large, comforting servings that you can share with friends, Sobre Mesa will not disappoint.

Who is Tito Japs? We’re not sure, but we understand why he likes this so much.

The biggest hit we tasted for the rebranded Sobre Mesa was Tito Jap’s Bulalo Estofado. It’s a unique take on the classic bulalo with beef that’s tender enough to be cut with a spoon swimming in a combination of rich broth spiced up with soy and citrus sauce. That zing from the citrus makes this dish worth hogging, but it is for sharing so don’t.

Go for the red Arroz Con Pollo y Chorizo if you want something familiar.
Or Arroz Negra for a Spanish resto staple.

Their paellas (which they call Arroz) are also a winner in our books. If you want something that has a bit of an interesting look and flavor, try the Arroz Negra. Not feeling black? Go for the tomato-ey Arroz Con Pollo y Chorizo.

This was one of the best cheesecakes a couple of years back. Still is in our book.

Save some room for their Salted Caramel and Banana Cheesecake. It’s worth its weight (and the wait) and will not drive your palate nuts with too much sweetness, thanks to the salted caramel.


Not much can be said for Sobre Mesa’s drinks. They’ve got the “good for everyone” set of sodas, juices, and what not, but they also have some of the more interesting stuff like the Sangria.

The sangria’s done really well and goes with the food instead of being the star.

By the way, the first round of sangria is on them when you visit, so go ahead. It also comes with their homemade bread so you don’t have to completely starve before your orders come in.

Verdict: 8/10

Flavors at Sobre Mesa won’t blow you away (unless you get their cheesecake, which will). Everything meshes well at Sobre Mesa, from the food to the drinks to the atmosphere in either their Shangri-La Plaza or Sapphire Bloc (the original) branches.

Up the whole value-for-money gig with this big Chicken and Steak Platter.

It also helps that they’ve got a couple of tricks up their sleeve with promos like a pre-senior discount (16%) every Wednesday (only if you’re born between ‘75 and ‘90) dubbed Titos and Titas Day and Happy Hour, Every Hour from 5pm onwards.

If you ask us, it’s a place for your pregame before you head out and paint the town red. Or a good way to end your workday. Either way, if you’re a certified Tito/Tita of Manila, this place is worth a visit.

The Basics
Php2,500 (USD50) for two or three people
L4, East Atrium, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Mobile: +63917 624 5470
Facebook and Instagram: @sobremesaph

Words: Andrew Del Rosario