Surfer Luke Landrigan loves Harana’s food and vibe. He says he likes ordering their poke bowl

It feels like time has stopped. At least this is how I felt when I visited resort-restaurant Harana on my visit to Siargao. Guests are sprawled on beanbags or cocooned in a hammock, whiling away on their smartphone as they wait for the waves to come up to do the more exciting kind of “surfing.” One guest rubs a resident dog’s tummy, saying hello.

Chill R&B music plays in the background—tame enough to not disturb napping guests—as I sip my cup of joe. Harana restaurant is a large open air native-themed space, hugging the wonderful sea breeze. There are wooden chairs and tables, colorful beanbags and low tables, distinctive hung woven lamps, and a vibrant bar manned by friendly staf.


Breakfasts here area delight. We had very good tocino, homemade honey and salt-cured pork and chicken meat served with egg and garlic rice, and arroz caldo, fascinating for its annatto oil drizzling and unusual toppings of dried fish, string beans and water spinach. There were grilled eggplant, international breakfast served with two eggs, bread, fruits and bacon salted just right. The Harana Fried Rice was remarkable.

Breakfasts are as beautiful as these: fresh fruits and vegetables, tortang along (grilled then pan-fried eggplant), dried fish, rice and egg


Ginger tea, fruit shakes, calamansi juice, softdrinks, beer, and an extensive liquor collection.

The basics
About Php300 (USD6) per person., tel + 63998 849 5461

Story by Monica De Leon; photos by Daniel Soriano