Obstacle Course racing (OCR) is the newest craze in sports adventure attracting all sorts of athletics or the mere active, including celebrities who never mind the grit, the sweat, for as long as they get a dose of the physical fun. Beauty queen-cum-obstacle racer Chrystalle Omaga gives us a glimpse of the growing sport.

Chrystalle Omaga in action during a local Spartan Race.

Obstacle course racing is like a duathlon but with obstacles along the way. It features varying terrain that’s based on army training courses, incorporating trail running and a good mix of upper and lower body challenges.

My first OCR experience was “hell”. My boyfriend and I were given free tickets to a Spartan Race by one of their brand ambassadors. It was a 14km Open Division Spartan Race. Apart from hell, it felt like marriage counseling for us. If you finish something like this together, you’ll definitely know more about your partner.

Crossing the finish line with her boyfriend at their first Spartan Race.

Beware the Spear Throw. It’s a common obstacle in a course that’s at least 12 kilometers and involves chucking a spear into a haystack. You only get one try; miss and you’ll have to do 30 burpees. I remember screaming at the top of my lungs when I hit it during a race in Subic. I got 2nd place in Elite Women because of that.

I train twice a day, six times a week. I usually train weightlifting at Anytime Fitness Cubao and find a hill or trail to run on for running. If we’re talking about OCR-specific training, I go to Obstacle Sports Factory in Makati or the Spartan Obstacle Course Camp in BGC.

She also enjoys a good trail run every now and then as part of her OCR training.

If you wanna try OCR, learn to run before you try OCR-specific training. You’re still running for most of the race, so running is important. If you’re already a runner, try and advance to trail running or train for altitude runs.

Tip to anyone who wants to compete: Expect to perform like a beginner; enjoy the race; and go for it. Crossing the finish line and saying you’re able to finish an exhausting muddy race is the greatest accomplishment you can achieve. Just go for it and expect the unexpected!

Racers I look up to…Lindsay Webster (@lindsaydawnwebster) and Ryan Atkins (@ryanatkinsdiet). They’re the best OCR athletes in the world!

What I lug with me:

    • Luxxe Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract from Front Row
    • Whey protein from Wheyl Nutrition Co., a proudly Filipino sports nutrition brand
    • Under Armour athletic gear 
    • Sunblock
    • Garmin watch

My pre-race meal: Banana chocolate chip pancakes. I don’t know why, but I just love them! During the season, we prepare our own meals with the help of a nutritionist. Off-season, we’re fans of Samgyupsalamat. It’s an amazing all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue restaurant.

Off training, I chase after my two-year-old kid. He keeps me on my toes and running after him gives me a good workout. I also go to the spa for recovery.

When they’re not racing, they like enjoy a good day at the beach.

We love to hunt for trails, so we go to places with mountains and beaches for vacation. Some of the places we love to go to are:

  • Subic Bay. Playa Papagayo, in particular, is a great place to stay in since it’s right by the beach. They also have a good restaurant that serves delicious Mexican food.
  • Cebu. It has a lot of good trails for running, especially in the southern part of the island.
  • Boracay. It’s got great beaches and is a place where we go to for a relaxing trip.

Yes. the lady can both beat you in a race AND look fierce.

Who is Chrystalle Omaga?
Chrystalle Omaga is an obstacle course racer and trail runner, an international model, a former beauty queen (Ms. Universe-Canada 2016), and a loving mother to a two-year-old boy.

Photos taken from Chrystalle Omaga’s Instagram account @misschrystalle