A relaxing waterfall that feels like it’s tucked away, but actually isn’t.

It’s not as tall as other waterfalls in the country, but it is quite scenic. Photo by Harvey Tapan

Port Barton is more than just sand, sea, and sun. It also has its fair share of waterfalls that take you away from the beach, like Pamoayan Falls.

A 10-minute motorbike ride followed by a five-minute walk (yes, it’s a walk not a hike) from the center of Port Barton gives you access to this short yet scenic waterfall. The pool at the bottom of the falls is deep enough for you to jump into, though it’s not suggested that you do.

There’s a donation box in front of a shack that doubles as a sari-sari store where you can leave your motorbike. The path itself is easy enough to walk on to as there’s hardly any elevation change. It’s also beside a creek (which you’ll cross midway) that’s as photogenic as the waterfall itself.

Get there
SkyJet Airlines ( flies direct from to San Vicente from Manila four times weekly, and it increases to six times weekly beginning October 27, 2019.

Take an e-trike from the airport to the San Vicente port where you can ride a boat to Port Barton. Once there, you can rent a bike for around Php600, which you can then take to Pamoayan Falls.

To get to Pamoayan Falls, drive along Bonifacio St. and turn right on Reef Cafe. Follow the road to the highway and turn left. Follow the highway north until you see a fork in the road. Take the path on the right and follow it until you reach the shack where you’ll leave your bike and walk to Pamoayan Falls.