La Union isn’t just for surfers. Case in point: Darigayos Cove.

You can surf in San Juan or simply enjoy this view in Luna. Photo by Jerico San Andres for Tupang Gala

Everyone knows that La Union is to the North what Siargao is to the South. It has surf spots for days, with locals that would drop everything once the swells are up.

What most people don’t know is that La Union offers so much more than surf spots. A perfect example of this is Darigayos Cove, a scenic, 800-meter beach in the small town of Luna. Known mostly for its pebble beaches, the town of Luna is best known for the Baluarte Watchtower, a Spanish-era fort that sits in the middle of the town, and this diamond amongst its pebbly beaches.

The beach has fine to coarse white sand and is a great place for sunsets. Most of the resorts in Luna are located here, so expect a small crowd midday. It becomes a surf spot during the months of September to November, with waves higher than those in San Juan.

Things to do

  • Visit the USAFIP NL Military Shrine and Camp Spencer (free)
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling and Diving (guides needed, check with local resorts for the spots)
  • Beach bumming

While there are resorts in the area, it’s best to rent one of the cottages on the beach for the day, which can go for as much as Php500 (USD10) each.

Get there
Take a Partas Bus bound for Vigan and get off at Bacnotan, La Union. You can then ride a jeep from Bacnotan to Luna and get off at Darigayos.