Dash, the brand behind publishing agency Solar Braintree, is your where-to-go-now in terms of discovering all things hip, fun and relevant in travel.

Dash presents trendy stories, which can be inspirations or guides to later trips—interest and destination hotlists, curations by travel rock stars—along with Dash signature stories on fantastic places (DASHING Spot) and trivia (DASHwatchacallit). Plus more.

Dash storytelling, both in print and online, is of the times. Photo-driven, fun, snappy, experience-based. Video is a medium it intends to thrive on online.

Dash, indeed, is Designed For Travelers.

SkyJet Dash (print)
A quarterly print publication exclusively onboard SkyJet Airlines’ flights, and distributed in resorts, restaurants and bars in destination partners and in lifestyle outlets and bookstores in Metro Manila.

Dashphilippines.com (online)
SkyJet Dash’s online counterpart that aims at being a portal for evergreen and current content.

Advertise with Dash
Advertising on Dash opens up your brand to reaching a mixed audience of frequent local and global travelers. We present your brand’s message in a bigger, bolder and more creative way than any other player.

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